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More About Meridios

Meridios is a healthcare consulting company dedicated to developing technology and process solutions that encourage improved patient care. A fragmented healthcare system leaves a gap in the capture and reporting of clinical data. Meridios™ seeks continuously to bridge that gap.

Meridios is committed to improving patient care and assisting organizations with pay for performance. Meridios customers are leaders in their market - they possess an understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Our clients are involved in significant pay for performance initiatives and are getting the most out of every patient encounter. If you are not sure if you are getting the best solution, be sure to research our products. Do not be caught uninformed.

Meridios has designed three products: healthMATRIX™, dataMATRIX™, and patientMATRIX™. These three products work together to deliver health registry data to providers, staff, and administration in a format that encourages improvement in the delivery of care.

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